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Setting up my email with Entourage 2004 on Mac OS X

The following will help you set up the email account with Entourage 2004

On the Tools menu, click 'Accounts'.

Click the Mail tab, and then click 'New'

(If the Account Setup Assistant appears, click 'Configure account manually'.)

On the Account type pop-up menu, click 'POP' then click 'OK'.

Now enter the following information:

Account name: (Give your account a name)

Personal Information

Name: (Your name)

Email address: (Your email address)

Receiving mail

Account ID: (Your email address)

POP server: (change this to match your domain)

Password: (your email password)

Check the box "Save password in my Mac OS keychain"

Sending mail:

SMTP server: (change this to match your domain)

Click on: "Click here for advanced sending options"

Tick: "SMTP server requires authentication" and check the button "Use same settings as receiving mail server"

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